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6% OFF code "MONPORT" on all laser engravers
6% OFF code "MONPORT" on all laser engravers
This is a guide for newbies to play the laser engravers, which shows the whole process from unboxing to maintain the machines.
If there is any problem you can't solve by yourself, please feel free to contact us.
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How to unbox

You've just bought a new machine and it's time to open it.

Follow this guide (pictures, videos, etc) to unbox your machine.

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How to align mirrors

The position of the mirrors inside the machine will change due to the collision and turbulence during transportation, which will lead to the change of the optical path.

Therefore, the first thing we do after unpacking is to test and calibrate the CO₂ laser beam.

Follow this guide (pictures, videos, etc) to align mirrors.

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How to operate

How to operate

This guide will introduce some useful softwares for you.

LightBurn is layout, editing, and control software for your laser cutter.

RDworks is a free laser software.

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How to maintain

The CO2 engraving machine should be maintained regularly according to the frequency of your use.

This guide teaches you how to clean the laser tube, laser mirrors, the guide rail and other parts.

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