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6% OFF code "MONPORT" on all laser engravers
6% OFF code "MONPORT" on all laser engravers

Acrylic is widely used in the engraving industry due to its high durability, processability, and cost performance.

Monport C02 laser engraving machines are great acrylic laser cutting machines.

Use Monport machines, you can create wonderful signboards, personalized gifts, shiny light boxes, and any other you can imagine.

Open your imagination and let's start the journey of acrylic laser cutting and engraving!

Types of acrylic

Types of acrylic

  • Cast acrylic

The cast acrylic can make the engraving clearer , because it will become matte white when engraving.

Cast acrylic material is more suitable for engraving.

  • Extruded acrylic 

The extruded acrylic can be cut very cleanly and smooth.

Extruded acrylic material is more suitable for cutting.

How to laser cut acrylic?

How to laser cut acrylic?

MACHINEMONPORT 80W CO2 Laser Engraving & Cutting Machine 

MATERIAL: 6mm thick acrylic 

Cutting speed: 8mm/s

Cutting power: 65%—70%

Cutting focal length: 5mm 

Tips and Tricks: 

Tips and Tricks: 

  • Do not blow when cutting

Many people have the problem of whitening the cut surface when cutting acrylic. This is because he uses air blowing when cutting, so if you want to cut a smooth effect, please turn off the air blowing. 

  • Overhead cutting

When cutting acrylic, if we want to avoid the problem of edge melting caused by the reflection of the honeycomb panel, we can solve it by overhead cutting. 

Here are some of genius Monport users' creations

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