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Top 6 Tips to Reduce Laser Cutting Costs

Top 6 Tips to Reduce Laser Cutting Costs

How to reduce engraving cost before engraving

1. Precise design requirements

The intention of reducing production time and improving design documents will ultimately reduce the cost of customized cutting pieces. If multiple parts are manufactured, adjusting the design direction will also reduce wasted materials and additional time. Build confidence by preliminary testing your design to determine that your order will be the right material with clean edges. In general, if you can use the following skills, your project should be completed faster at a lower price than before. But for complex design, the process may be laborious, and you can't really know whether the layout you choose is the best solution. Engravers can optimize the laser cutting layout by using browser based vector nesting tools to achieve better integration and optimization of design and materials, maximize the use of materials and the efficiency of using laser engraving machines. Another consideration is the cost of materials themselves - minimizing material waste will also save you money. As an additional reward, saving resources can also make you feel good!

2. Adjust the resolution and try to carve multiple items in a batch

One thing that reduces production time is printing multiples. If you have a project that needs to engraver multiple objects of the same or similar design, such as plaques or coasters, print more than one at a time, rather than one at a time. Then, you can fill the whole table with a specific piece of work, and then engraver at a time. It is also helpful to use clamps to properly separate the objects.

How to reduce engraving cost in engraving

Minimize the switching times of the laser source. Normally, the laser can be switched off without using a metal laser cutter. In addition, in the case of meeting the cutting requirements, the use of power should be reduced as much as possible to save power consumption.

Operate the machine according to the operating procedures
Metal laser cutting machine is a high-tech equipment. Improper use will affect the entire mechanical system. The quality of the cutting workpiece is unstable, which seriously affects the quality of the equipment and cannot be repaired.

How to reduce engraving cost after engraving

1. Clean the focusing lens of the cutting head

During the operation of the laser engraving machine, metal chips and dust will be produced. These residues will adhere to the focusing lens. If not cleaned in time, the light transmittance will be reduced, the heat absorption rate will be increased, and the cutting accuracy will be affected. Cleaning the focusing lens in time can reduce unnecessary material waste and the cost of replacing the lens.

2. Maintain the highest maintenance level

Some people engaged in laser cutting work classify maintenance and repair into the same category. However, when you repair a broken machine, maintenance is to make it run smoothly, so that no fault will occur. Statistics show that the demand for laser cutting maintenance varies from operator to operator, but it usually accounts for 2-3% of the initial investment every year. After the metal laser cutting machine works for a long time, the parts will be worn, and the instability of the equipment will affect the cutting accuracy. Therefore, equipment maintenance is also a way to extend the service life of equipment and improve the cutting accuracy.

Some people who do laser cutting work classify maintenance and repair as one category. However, although you are repairing a broken machine, the maintenance is to let it run smoothly, so that no fault will occur. Statistics show that different operators have different maintenance needs for laser cutting, but they usually account for 2-3% of the initial investment every year.
Not following the recommended intervals seems to be a cost saving measure, especially when the machine seems to be working properly, but this is likely to increase your total costs. Consider a situation where a broken machine takes weeks to be put back into service, causing your business to reject new, profitable customer orders.
In the direction of using the engraving machine, some other parts are used, including the routine maintenance and regular replacement of some laser tubes of the engraving machine, as well as the exhaust device.

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