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Who We Are

After you browse Monportlaser website, you might think it’s just an online store selling laser engravers and accessories.

However, we are more than a tech company selling the machine you are looking for.

We’ve got feelings, goals and dreams, just like you.

The original idea of this company is to inspire people’s creativity and live in a more fantastic world.

So we planned to sell laser engravers which bring people’s innovative ideas into reality, and some of our customers even get a new pathway for living through our products.

We want to serve a better solution to this industry and do some good for the world while we’re at it—permanently.

We know our technology changes lives. If that’s something that speaks to you—you belong here, too. 

Why Choose Monport

We’re young, but professional.

We’re innovative, and thoughtful.

In order to provide the affordable and high-quality laser engravers/accessories, we are always researching the market and upgrading the machines.

25+ years-experienced USA-based technical supports are here to help you to setup the machines and solve the problems you may face.

We update our product a lot, but it’s based on real research. Any feedback or suggestions from customers are welcomed in Monport.

Customers are looking for a 40w CO2 laser engraver which can be compatible with Lightburn, so we launch Monport 40W Lightburn CO2 Laser Engraver. 

The acrylic viewing window may cause the fire accident, so we launch the Fireproof Series which use fireproof PC viewing window.

This special material will dramatically decrease the possibility of fire accident causing by laser burning.

We want to deliver a solution that actually helps our customers. Otherwise, what’s the point?

Monport Family

We are a young team but have a lot of family members who would like to grow up with us together.

Monport strive to connect people with people — Monport and you.

We have more than 1700 family members, some of them are hobbyists, some of them own their small businesses, some of them comes from school or marker spaces, gather together in Facebook group to build a network of engravers that share knowledge and solve problems together.

So, come on and join in our family, let’s share our creativity and a new life style!

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask us: 

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