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Best Desktop laser engraver for beginners -Monport k40 laser cutter

Monport K40 Lightburn Laser Cutter: the Best Desktop Laser Engraver for Beginners

In terms of price, it is super friendly for beginners. You can't find other similar machines at this price. With the upgraded control board, this 40w machine can be compatible with Lightburn software, which is the most popular and widely used software in the market.

In general, this machine is very suitable for small businesses and amateurs, as well as for educational purposes. Its upgradeable firmware allows it to add new features and functions when available. As a result, Monport K40 Lightburn also has an excellent customer service team, who are always willing to help.

First of all, from the perspective of carving materials, the machine has excellent quality and can carve various materials, including plastic, glass, metal and wood. The carving quality is very good. Wood, glass and metal can be carved with this Monport 40w CO2 laser engraving machine, making it one of the most effective tools. This is the ideal choice for anyone who runs a family business or pursues hobbies and hopes to give their products a more personalized feel.

Diode Lasers VS Monport K40 Laser Cutter


There are some differences between the working principles of the two. In the CO2 laser machine, cutting and engraving are completed by using electrically stimulated CO2 and other gases such as nitrogen and helium. Laser diodes usually use semiconductors made of aluminum or gallium arsenide alloys. The current is supplied through the diode, causing electrons to flow through the p-n junction. If you are a diode engraver who is used to Lightburn and want to enter the field of carbon dioxide engravers, but think that buying a laser engraver with a power of more than 60W CO2 laser may not take into account the current engraving needs, Monport K40 Lightburn engraver can completely help you overcome this stage.

Features of Monport K40 Lightburn Laser Cutter


  • The ONLY ONE K40 Compatible with Lightburn on the Market.

With the upgraded control board, this 40w machine can be compatible with Lightburn, which is the most popular and widly-used softare on the market. The Lightburn supported control panel has already installed in this machine, so you don't need to buy another motherboard. Just connect this k40 to your computer then play it! This is a new advantage of Monport k40 Lightburn. From the very beginning, Monport has collected suggestions on k40 from the market. Many k40 owners feel that the absence of lightburn is a common fault of most K40. Now you can connect directly with Lightburn software.


  • Laser Protective Glasses for Free

Lasers emit radiation in the invisible form of light. This pair of laser protective glasses is certified to protect your eyes against radiation damage by looking at the class 4 laser in any way (directly, indirectly, or even looking at the laser dot on a surface can damage your eyes). Monport has always paid special attention to protecting the safety of the engravers. Since the launch of the CO2 laser fire protection series, Monport has been working hard to launch products with high safety performance for laser engraving enthusiasts.


  • 3 LED Monitor Displays

There are 3 LED displays with real-time data. They can monitor the water temperature, laser temperature and the current power, which help you to find wheter any problem occurs.


  • Red Dot Guidance

It mounts on the laser head which shows the laser path of the machine and can offer more precision when lining up cutting and engraving.

  • Compact & Portable Design

The Monport 40W laser engraver fits well on most hobby worktables, with its space-saving design. Compared with some convenient ways of diode, CO2 laser engraving machine may be relatively heavy due to its own characteristics, but it can also be placed on the table.


  • Suitable for Beginners

With 40w of CO2 laser power, an affordable price & easy-to-operate process, Monport's 40w machine is the perfect choice for beginners to learn laser engraving. If you are a novice carver who has just switched from diode to carbon dioxide, you can have a 40w machine for transitional use. Generally, high-power carbon dioxide machines are very expensive. The engraving power and engraving accuracy of the Monport k40 Lightburn are higher than those of some carbon dioxide carvers with the same power.


  • High Precision

A professional laser system ensures stability and reliability. There is no doubt that the engraving accuracy of ordinary carbon dioxide engraving machines must be higher than that of diodes. It is gratifying that the engraving accuracy of Monport K40 Lightburn is even much better than that of some other K40 machines.


  • Dual Work Bed

2 options for more possibilities. A stabilizer clamp: It can keep irregularly shaped objects in place. A vented level board: It is for regular shapes.

  • Built-in Ventilation

Integrated fan to boost laser performance, improve ventilation, and reduce noise. The exhaust port helps to create a safe work environment, so you can vent the fumes to the outdoors. The built-in air assist system can take away some heat and debris generated in the carving process, helping the carver to carve better.


  • Emergency Stop Button

The E-Stop safety button is easy to operate in emergency situations. It is used to shut off machine in an emergency when it cannot be shut down in the user manual.

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