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K40 Laser VS Diode Laser

Are you wondering which laser engraver is more suitable for you?

A K40 CO2 laser engraver or a diode laser engraver?

Are there any difference between power or function?

This section helps to show the difference between them and guides newbies to enter the wonderful laser world by CO2 laser engravers.

More Details: Monport 40W Lightburn-ready CO2 Laser Engraver 

About Difference

About Difference

A diode machine is just for fun and hobby. However, a CO2 laser machine can be beyond the limitation of the diode one. The CO2 laser is the best choice if you want more power and much faster.

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Upgrade a Diode

Upgrade a Diode

If you have already owned a diode machine and want to upgrade the speed, a K40 or a higher-power CO2 laser machine is the most wonderful chioce. Going from a diode to a CO2 is like a bike to a race car.

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K40 guide for newbies

K40 Guide for Newbies

CO2 lasers are on a completely different level. You can cut and engrave much faster as they have more available power. This section can guide you to the CO2 laser engraving world step by step.

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