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Welcome to the laser guides!

In this beginner's guide of laser machines, we'll

introduce you the difference between diode laser and CO2 laser engravers

show you how to operate the engraving machines and its accessories

teach you how to maintain the laser engraving machines

tell you which materials are suitable for laser engraving

K40 laser vs Diode laser

K40 laser vs Diode laser

This guide is about the comparisons between the K40 laser and the diode laser.

if you own a diode engraving machine, have you ever thought about accelerating the speed of engraving/cutting?

After reading this guide, you will have an idea of upgrading the diode laser into a CO2 laser.


How to

After receiving the laser engravers, you may face a lot of problems occur to you. But don't worry, Monport is here to help you. We offer:

- customer service & technical support

- up to 2-Year Warranty on our laser machines

- helpful how-to guides

- useful online community on Facebook

- Monport YouTube channel with instructional videos

Application Guide

Application Guide

This guide shows common materials suitable for laser engraving, including wood, metal, glass, acrylic, leather.


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