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Monport Space Host-Michael A Thruman-Machesney Park, IL

Machine Type
Monport 40W Lightburn Supported (8" X 12") CO2 Laser Engraver & Cutter with FDA Approval

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Intro: My name is Michael Thruman( Pronounced Truman like former president). I am an Assistant instructor and tutor at a local college where I help instruct students in CAD, Cad/Cam, CNC programing M&G code. I have an AAS Degree in Industrial Manufacturing. I am semi retired and a Hobbyist, woodworker of about 8 years since becoming disabled.


Available time:
 Fri-Mon 10am-7pm.

Tue- Thur 7pm -8:30pm.

Workspace Type: In home office space all wheelchair accessible
WiFi Connectivity ✔
Wheelchair Friendly ✔
Free Public Parking ✔

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