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Why Choose a Monport CO2 Laser Tube

A Monport CO2 laser tube or other CO2 laser tubes? Which one is better.

Monport CO2 laser tubes are made from glass. This glass production is less expensive than metal production, such laser tubes are available at a more affordable price.

The most significant benefit of using these tubes is that they are more affordable than other laser tubes available on the market. However, the cheaper price doesn’t mean that you get a low-quality laser. Actually, Monport laser tubes work by exciting carbon dioxide gas with direct current, producing stable laser beams that work well for almost any application.  

Another benefit is the long lifetime of glass laser tubes. For example, our 80W CO2 laser tube for the laser engraver cutting machine has an estimated lifetime of 3,000-8,000 hours, based on light to average use. Users can explore different products to choose the usage that fits their production and energy needs. Keep in mind that constantly running your laser tube at maximum power can shorten its lifetime, so it’s best to choose a wattage high enough to compensate for its recommended power ceiling.

Small businesses and DIY crafters prefer these tubes because of their excellent cooling mechanism. When you buy a laser tube from Monport, you get a premium product with an exclusive water cooling system as an additional purchase that allows users to utilize them in work conditions with high temperatures up to 75 degrees.

Effective cooling can help users get the most out of their high-powered lasers. Get to know your laser-engraving machine’s cooling requirements before buying the best chiller to guarantee sufficient cooling.

Since CO2 glass tubes discharge a steady and continuous laser beam with direct current, users get a satisfactory cutting/engraving performance on a wide range of materials.

Using a CO2 laser engraver, you can work on materials such as: leather, rubber, cardboard, paper, wood, acrylic, textiles and so on.

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