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Basic Operation Steps

The laser cutting machine has high cutting speed, narrow cutting seam, small heat affected zone, good perpendicularity of cutting seam edge and smooth cutting edge. At the same time, there are many kinds of materials that can be laser cut, including carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy steel, wood, plastic, rubber, cloth, quartz, ceramics, glass, composite materials and so on. Therefore, it is used in various processing industries. However, in order to make it more stable and durable, It is necessary to understand some correct operation procedures.

Preparation before use of laser cutting machine:

  1. Check whether the water temperature of laser and chiller is normal
  2. Check whether the gas pressure meets the requirements

3.Check whether the exhaust fan, cold dryer and industrial circulating water cooler work normally

  1. Check whether the focus lens is polluted (the CO2 laser directly pulls out the lens for observation, and the fiber laser is operated for half an hour. Feel whether the temperature at the focus lens housing is abnormal by hand, and start the equipment only after ensuring that there is no abnormality)

Operation steps of laser cutting machine:

  1. Fix the cutting material. Fix the material to be cut on the working table of the laser cutting machine; Adjust the parameters of the equipment according to the material and thickness of the metal plate;
  2. Select appropriate lenses and nozzles, and inspect them before startup to check their integrity and cleanliness;
  3. Adjust the focus of the laser cutting machine. Adjust the cutting head to the appropriate focal position;
  4. Check and adjust the nozzle of the laser cutting machine to make it centered;
  5. Calibration of cutting head sensor;
  6. Select appropriate cutting gas and check whether it is in good condition;
  7. Try to cut the material. After the material is cut, check whether the cutting end face is smooth and verify the cutting accuracy. If there is any error, adjust the equipment parameters accordingly until the proofing meets the requirements and can be used;
  8. Program the workpiece drawing and make the corresponding layout, and import it into the cutting system of the equipment; Adjust the position of the cutting head and start cutting;
  9. During the operation, the staff shall be present at all times and carefully observe the cutting conditions. In case of emergency, they shall respond quickly and press the emergency stop button;
  10. Check the cutting quality and accuracy of the first sample;

It is worth special attention that before using the laser cutting machine, it is recommended to learn the operation process skillfully from professionals, pay attention to safety and protection, and avoid accidents caused by irregular operations.

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