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What's the Best Fume Extractor for Laser Cutter?

What's the Best Fume Extractor for Laser Cutter?

What is an industrial air purifier fume extractor?

The industrial air purifier is mainly suitable for CNC machine tools and laser engraving machines. Generally, the machine is equipped with a filter, and a large amount of smoke and dust will be effectively filtered through its cotton, activated carbon and aluminum alloy filters. The filtering system has multiple filtering "stages". Each stage is responsible for specific work. The first phase removes the largest particles. The Monport air purifier laser fume extractor filters out toxic particles and various bad smells in the smoke through a four layer filtering system.

The larger the laser is, the more exhaust air is required. Or you are engaged in wood work and have high requirements for the fume exhaust system. But generally, the air purifier below 60W CO2 laser can use the Monport air purifier. When the laser cutting machine is working, the smoke generated is sucked into the laser fume extractor. The smoke then passes through the pipes and filter media. The filter medium removes dust and other particles from the smoke. Then it can be discharged out of the room through the exhaust duct.

What is the importance of fume extractor in laser cutting?

  • Protection of health

Many health and safety hazards are related to laser smoke generated by laser cutting machines, marking machines, engraving machines and laser printers. The type and severity of the hazard depends on the material being cut. Smoke exhaust is very important to ensure the safety of engravers. If you cut some acrylic materials that will release some toxic smoke, you must need a smoke extractor. Even if you rarely cut these toxic materials, some materials will also cause harm to your health during the cutting process, because the high heat of the laser heats the air to the extent that it starts to expand, making particles enter the air in the form of smoke. Some materials even contain some other unknown toxic substances. Some of these gases and particles are odorless, so don't take chances. Improper smoke extraction will lead to serious health risks. The most common risks are irritation, dizziness and nausea. More serious risks include metal dust fever, metal poisoning, asthma, and even cancer.

  • Environmental requirements

In fact, smoke and other burning smoke are increasingly prohibited in many places, not to mention the complaints of neighbors. There are also many laser engravers who will use other large exhaust systems to discharge smoke to the outside, but some engravers have to use an indoor ventilation free filter system due to the limitation of indoor area. And as lasers are used in office buildings, manufacturing facilities, shopping malls and sports events, the demand for indoor filtration systems is also growing.

  • Protect your laser machines

A machine that can emit smoke can, to a certain extent, keep the environment around the machine clean, especially protect the mirror from smoke pollution, and various other materials from pollution. A smoke exhaust fan can easily improve your working environment and mood.

How do I know which laser fume extractor to choose?

  • The right size

The most important factor that you should consider first is size. The proper size depends on various factors, including the power used, the size of the laser workbench, the material to be cut, and the laser cutting speed. If the flue gas collector is too small, some people think this is to minimize the investment, but Monport air purifier laser fume extractor can completely meet the purification demand of Monport desktop laser engraver. Because the large area of the 150W CO2 laser machine is too large, the fume exhauster with more power and stronger filtering performance should be selected.

  • Cost

A system that meets your needs and has affordable filters will save a lot of money during the service life of the system. The laser filtering system is similar to the engraving machine, and their price span is very large. Therefore, you can buy a system that can meet your current and future needs. The Monport air purifier can be equipped with most carbon dioxide engraving machines below 130w on the market. The maintenance of an exhaust system is very simple and does not require too much maintenance. But when the filter is blocked, they will let pollutants into your work space and cause serious health problems. Therefore, it is necessary to spend some time, energy and money to properly maintain the following systems.

  • Proper noise control

The process of collecting smoke and dust to discharge exhaust gas through the fan system may be very noisy. Because there is a motor inside the smoke exhauster, and they will certainly inhale a lot of air when working, the noise generated by motor operation and air flow cannot be avoided, which creates a fatigue and dangerous environment. Therefore, it is very important to choose a relatively quiet smoke exhauster. Most filtering systems generate 55-65 decibels of noise, which seems to be consistent in the whole industry. However, it is worth considering that Monport air purifier has a built-in noise reduction module, with the lowest volume of 58db, giving you a quiet and comfortable working environment.

  • Service

Just like laser, service and support are everything. Monport's pre-sales and after-sales services have always made Monport's engraving machines and accessories the first choice of many sculptors. Buying in other stores without brand service support is risky. If you can't find a replaceable filter or its performance is poor, such a system can't be used directly. Be careful when buying, and remember that service and support are everything.

  • Warranty

The warranty of the filter system varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. Warranty policies cannot be found on most websites, so be sure to ask about standard and extended warranties. The warranty does not include filters, but there are also quite expensive blower motors and some electronic equipment in these equipment. You should ensure that these are protected. Monport provides 1-year warranty for industrial air purifier, and quickly replies to customer service to ensure that everything is normal.

Choose the right fume extractor for you laser machine!

Monport air purifier expert will help you choose the laser suitable for your operation.For amateurs, some carving enthusiasts may choose to simply wear personal protective equipment and place the laser cutting machine in a hidden place at home or in a shed outside. However, this is not a good idea. Engraving enthusiasts should equip your CO2 laser cutting machine with a suitable smoke exhaust fan.

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