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Functions and Usage of Commonly Used Monport laser engraver accessories

Functions and Usage of Commonly Used Monport laser engraver accessories

This topic will introduce in detail the functions and usage of commonly used laser engraver accessories, show more abundant application scenarios of engraving machines, and provide more innovation inspiration. Next, we will introduce the functions and applications of commonly used laser engraving accessories. At the same time, we also provide you with exclusive coupon codes "BESTMP10" to save you more when shopping.

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Introduction to common laser engraver accessories of Monport

  • Rotary Axis

The rotary axis can enrich the types of objects that can be carved. The configuration of the rotary axis allows the engraving objects to expand from flat surfaces to spherical, cylindrical and other objects, meeting the needs of creators who want to create on a variety of objects.
The rotary axis is divided into two types: chuck type and roller type. The chuck type relies on the claw to firmly fix the object for rotation, while the roller type rotating shaft uses the roller to rub the object to achieve 360 rotation to achieve engraving. Different models of Monport machines are suitable for different types of rotary axis. You can refer to the parameters and other instructions on the details page before purchasing.


Rotary Axis


  • Laser Engraver Air Purifier

Direct emission of cutting waste gas into the atmosphere will cause greater pollution, so use an air purifier to freshen the air. The laser engraver air purifier can effectively filter the odor and harmful substances produced by laser cutting, with a filtration rate as high as 99.97%. Using a purifier can break through the limitations of the working environment. You no longer need to worry about the laser cutting workplace. Using monport's laser engraver air purifier does not need to worry about smoke exhaust and air pollution. You can safely use laser engraver at home or in your workshop.


Laser Engraver Air Purifier


  •  Cover protection

The laser engraving machine casing is suitable for marking machines. The colored acrylic shield effectively reduces the damage to the eyes by harmful lasers and can reduce the noise generated when the machine is operating. The enclosed space reduces the leakage of smoke and odor. It can be used with a smoke purifier to effectively remove smoke. Purification achieves fresh air.

  • Honeycomb Laser Bed

Honeycomb Laser Bed is an essential laser engraving accessory. It can be used to place the material to be processed, protect the workbench from laser damage and improve the engraving effect. Honeycomb Laser Bed can speed up the exhaust of smoke and prevent hot smoke from yellowing engraved objects.


Honeycomb Laser Bed

  • Field Mirror

Monport F-Theta scanning lens is designed to change the engraving area. Creators can choose different specifications and sizes according to their own needs. The parameters of the field mirror determine the working area that can be engraved. Different machines have different sizes of field mirrors, which can be adapted by changing the size through an adapter ring.


Field Mirror

  • Water chiller

Water chiller can easily help cool down the laser tube and is suitable for full-time professional engravers and hobbyists who work more than 6 hours a day. It is one of the essential laser engraving accessories for anyone who works in warm ambient temperatures above 30°C. The water cooler can keep the laser tube at a constant temperature and stabilize the working condition of the engraving machine.


Water chiller


The above is a basic function description of commonly used laser engraving accessories. In the future, the use methods and precautions of each laser engraving accessory will be introduced in detail, so stay tuned for the next special blog.

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