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Laser Engraver and cutter machine buying journey

Laser Engraver and cutter machine buying journey: the beginning of a fun adventure

I started my engraver laser machine buying journey five years ago, born out of a need for some engraved crafts for the kids at home and some creative diy engraving ideas I wanted to realize. My friends and I purchased a variety of different brands of Laser Engraver and cutter machine, some similar, some completely different. Next, I will use ten articles to share the methods, sequences and problems we encountered when using different devices.

Today, let’s first talk about some basic entry-level content, that is, how to turn on the engraver laser machine. It may sound boring, but it actually contains quite a few interesting stories.

1. Check water chiller: First, we need to check whether the water level of the water chiller and water tank of the engraver laser machine is normal. Check whether the chilled water pipe is leaking or loose, and tighten the joints of each water pipe to ensure that the connection is firm and smooth. Clean the inside and outside of the water tank and
chilled water pipe to ensure there are no breaks, bends, or blockages. Like checking the engine of a sports car that's about to start, it's a mixture of anticipation and excitement.
water chiller of engraver laser machine

2. Check laser engraver circuit board:Before powering on the engraver laser machine, you must first check whether the equipment circuit is damaged or faulty, and clean and rectify the electrical control box and other locations.

3. Cleaning the lenses:Use a lint-free cloth to dip an appropriate amount of lens cleaning fluid, gently wipe the lens on the side of the machine, use a cotton swab to dip an appropriate amount of lens cleaning fluid, and gently wipe the focusing mirror and reflector. When necessary, both sides of the lens need to be cleaned, and scrubbing should be done carefully. I once did this task with a friend and we had a little competition while cleaning the lenses to see who could get them cleaner. Although we are all amateurs, this little competition adds a lot of fun and excitement. In the end, we ended up looking like two professional craftsmen polishing gemstones.

4. Check the water pipe inlet and outlet:Before starting to operate the  Laser Engraver and cutter machine, please check again to confirm whether the water pipe inlet and outlet between the machine and the chiller are connected correctly. If there are still some bubbles in the laser tube after the laser tube is filled with water, please press the water inlet pipe at the end of the laser tube to squeeze out the bubbles.

5. Check if the focus is correct: Using the correct focal length increases the intensity of the laser and also results in thinner cuts. (The focal length of most machines is 5.2mm, which can be determined through testing).

6. Adjust cutting parameters: Set the blowing assist to strong blowing. The strong blowing can take away the smoke and dust, making the cutting surface neat and clean. In order to cut through the material, we can reduce the cutting speed and increase the cutting power and cornering power. Parameters need to be adjusted appropriately according to different materials and thicknesses. Adjusting the parameters to just cut through the material can avoid excessive loss of laser energy and further protect the laser.

7. Flatten the material: It can prevent warping and affect the cutting effect.

8. Start running the  engraver laser machine: import the pattern, and you will get it. This is the smooth result of all links. It's a pleasant feeling. Just like playing your favorite music, every step is exciting. Sometimes, we even do a little dance when importing the pattern, as if to celebrate the miracle that is about to happen.

engraver laser machine
    In the next article, I will tell you about some problems you may encounter while using the Laser Engraver and cutter machine and how to solve them. Stay tuned!
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