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 Monport built-in water chiller

Why You Need a Built-in Water Chiller for Your CO2 Laser Engraver?

The built-in water chiller is still blank in the current laser engraving machine market. Many engraving machine enterprises have not integrated the engraving machine and chiller equipment together. Monport 80W / 100W / 130W / 150W power engraving machine has launched a new model of the built-in water chiller, which fills this market gap. Both Monport 80W and Monport 150W are built-in water chillers with the same power as CW5200 industrial water chillers, which can fully meet the refrigeration needs of various models of customers. Without a doubt, a built-in chiller will not only save you time to install additional chillers, but it will also save space in your work area and make your work environment cleaner and simpler. A built-in chiller provides a great option for engravers who want a faster experience.

This article will explain the advantages and disadvantages of the built-in water chiller and the separate chiller in detail from the brief introduction of the built-in water chiller and water chiller cooling system, so as to provide an idea for you to make a choice.


A brief introduction to Monport built-in chiller

water chiller cooling system

The power and the basic model of the built-in water chiller are the same as the CW 5200 water chiller. The capacity of the Monport CW5200 chiller is 6L, but due to the objective reasons of the built-in model, the capacity of the 80W-130W built-in chiller is 4L. Monport 150W Built-in Water Chiller has 6L water capacity and two fans for this power need. 

Temperature Controller and Alarm Illustration 

cheap water chiller

The Monport CW5200 water chiller machine is an air compressor inside, which can be controlled intelligently and set the temperature range manually. Both the Monport CW5200 chiller and the built-in chiller use the T506 temperature control system, T-506 new temperature controller provides unparalleled flexibility and performance for temperature and process control applications. T-506 new temperature controller does not need to be adjusted the controlling parameters. It will self-adjust controlling parameters for meeting equipment cooling requirements.

The built-in refrigerator, like the CW 5200, has a variety of explicit alarm displays to inform you of specific error messages. This professional chiller has multiple alarm protection mechanisms, such as environmental temperature alarm, overheated or overcooled water temperature alarm. When an alarm occurs, the display will switch between water temperature and error. When alarm occurs, the error code and the temperature will be alternately displayed. In alarming state the alarm sound could be suspended by pressing any button, but the alarm display remains until the alarm condition is eliminated. 

The dust-proof mesh cover

The dust-proof mesh cover cannot be seen from the outside of the machine with built-in chiller, but the built-in machine is also equipped with a dust-proof mesh cover, which is set inside the machine and cannot be seen from the outside, so there is no need to worry about the heat dissipation of the machine.

Restore to factory settings

The refrigerator can also be restored to the factory settings, so that it can be restored directly in the event of an operation error. The advantage of the built-in refrigerator is that it is highly adaptable to the original machine. Before machine startup, press and hold up and down keys until the controller displays “rE”. Then 6 seconds later after releasing the keys, the controller works in normal order, All parameters values settings of the controller have been restored to factory settings.

General settings adjustment 

The built-in refrigerator hardly needs to be operated, which saves the engraver's time to the greatest extent. The following is a detailed explanation of the operation process of the built-in refrigerator: 

Press “SET” key to enter into the user-defined state. Meanwhile, “PARAM SET” is on, controller working in parameters setup status. Under intelligent mode, it displays the temperature difference values between water temperature and ambient temperature(-2 as default value). Under constant temperature mode, it displays the set water temperature values (25 as default value). At this moment. press up and down keys to change set values. After modifying the values, press “RST” key to save and exit, and new parameters take effect, or press “SET” key to exit without saving parameters. If there is no more action within 20 seconds, it will automatically exit modifying status without saving parameters.

Advantages of built-in water chiller

Save time and effort

The built-in chiller can be connected to your laser engraver itself without installation, which saves you a lot of installation time. Secondly, the built-in chiller can reduce the trouble of choosing a chiller for you. The fully suitable built-in water chiller does not need you to worry about how to choose a refrigerator suitable for your machine. Some novices may feel troublesome about equipping another machine, but the built-in chiller allows novices to start directly without any worries.

Easy replacement

Compared with the chiller purchased separately, if problems inevitably occur, some engravers will be more worried about the replacement of the chiller. Generally speaking, the built-in chiller with normal specifications will not have any problems, but the built-in chiller will make special supports inside the machine to support the chiller. As long as the wires and water pipes are disconnected and the screws are unscrewed, the chiller can be replaced.

The difference between a built-in water chiller and an external chiller

Frankly speaking, both the built-in refrigerator and the separate water chiller have their own unique advantages. A single refrigerator can cool machines of different power, but the built-in refrigerator is difficult to do this. But whatever you choose, the chiller you choose must be equipped with sufficient and correct size. Unfortunately, many chiller industry manufacturers are vague about features and specifications, making it difficult to choose the best laser cooling device for you. Chillers can spell disaster for your laser engravers if you choose cheap or mediocre products from unknown brands.

The built-in refrigerator model saves space, is convenient and simple to operate, and does not require troublesome installation process, which will save the sculptor a certain installation cost. The Monport 80W- 130W Built-in Chiller only has a capacity of 4L water. Compared to the CW5200 chiller, it only has one fan. Because the water capacity is relatively small, the internal chiller does not require as much heat dissipation, but the internal water chiller itself is enough to meet the heat dissipation of the laser tube. 

The large machine with the built-in chiller has many other excellent features over other similar large machines on the market. Both the large machine alone and the large machine with the built-in refrigerator are equipped with fireproof viewing windows and enclosed aviation aluminum guide rails, and a free pair of laser protective glasses is included.

Final thoughts

Monport built-in chiller engraving machine itself has an ultra-high configuration that is not available in the same industry. Secondly, it brings more convenient experience to engravers. If you are looking for a large laser engraving machine, you can go to Monport. Monport built-in chiller will bring you a more comfortable carving experience. Here, you can find our CO2 laser engraving machine series, accessories, software and everything you need to obtain a laser engraving machine with excellent performance!

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