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Monport vs. OMTech - Which 130W CO2 Laser Engraver Should You Choose?

Monport vs. OMTech - Which 130W CO2 Laser Engraver Should You Choose?

Laser engraving machines are essential tools for precision cutting and engraving in various industries. In this blog, we will delve into a detailed comparison between two popular models: the Monport 130W CO2 Laser Engraver and the OMTech 130W CO2 Laser Engraver. By analyzing their features, capabilities, and specifications, we aim to help users make an informed decision when choosing the right laser engraving machine for their needs.

Monport 130W CO2 Laser Engraver



Fireproof Viewing Window: The Monport 130W CO2 Laser Engraver comes equipped with a fire-resistant viewing window made from special polyester with iron frames. This feature significantly reduces the risk of fire accidents caused by the heat of the laser burning materials.

Dual Work Bed: The OMTech 130W CO2 Laser Engraver features a spacious 20" x 12" workbed with dual functionality. It is equipped with both a honeycomb platform and a knife blade engraving platform, providing versatility and the ability to work with a wide range of objects and materials. Whether you need to engrave delicate designs on paper or cut through thick materials, this dual workbed setup ensures you have the right platform for every project. Expand your creative possibilities with the OMTech 130W CO2 Laser Engraver's dual workbeds, allowing you to effortlessly tackle diverse engraving tasks.

Enclosed Aeronautical Aluminum Rail: The enclosed rail, driven by X and Y stepper motors, ensures efficient power transmission and high precision engraving. It is designed to prevent smoke and debris buildup, thereby prolonging the service life of the rail units.

Laser Protective Glasses: Included with the machine are laser protective glasses certified to shield eyes from radiation damage. This ensures the safety of users when working with the powerful class 4 laser.

Ruida Digital Controller: The Monport laser engraver features a Ruida digital controller compatible with various software platforms like LightBurn, RDworks, AutoCAD, and CorelDRAW. This controller offers precise control over the laser head, project initiation, power and speed adjustments, among other functionalities.

High Speed and Resolution: With impressive engraving and cutting speeds of up to 800 mm/s and 400 mm/s respectively, the Monport 130W CO2 Laser Engraver delivers fast and accurate results. It boasts a resolution of up to 4500 dpi, enabling detailed and precise engravings.

Autofocus and Air Assist: The machine is equipped with an automatic focusing function that corrects the focus with a single button press. Additionally, the built-in air assist system helps maintain precise engravings by removing debris, heat, and gases from the engraving surface.

Multiple Connectivity Options: Offering three ways to connect with a PC, including two USB ports for flash drive and USB-to-USB PC connection, as well as an ethernet port, the Monport laser engraver ensures seamless integration with external devices.

Red Dot Guidance and Safety Sensor: The red dot guidance system aids in positioning the laser head and framing project sizes, enhancing precision and convenience. Furthermore, an automatic safety sensor ensures machine shutdown in case the window cover is closed, prioritizing user safety.


the OMTech 130W CO2 Laser Engraver offers the following features and specifications:


Cutting Power: The machine is equipped with a powerful 130W CO2 laser, providing increased response speed, performance, and cutting power.

Two-Way Pass-Through: With the two-way pass-through feature, you can work on larger pieces by sliding them through the machine as you go, even if they are bigger than the standard workbed size.

Dual Workbeds: The OMTech 130W CO2 Laser Engraver comes with a 20" x 12" workbed. It includes both a honeycomb platform and a knife blade engraving platform, allowing you to work with a wide variety of objects and materials.

Rykon Digital Controller: The intuitive control panel with a digital display allows for complete control of the laser head. It enables tasks such as pausing and stopping projects, adjusting laser power and speed settings, file viewing, and project framing using the Windows-compatible RDWorks v8 software.

Liner Rail Guiding System: The machine is equipped with X and Y stepper motors that ensure efficient power transmission between the guide rails. This setup offers high precision and a long service life.

Connectivity: The OMTech 130W CO2 Laser Engraver provides two USB ports for flash drive connectivity and a USB-to-USB PC connection. This allows for easy connectivity with external devices.

Compatibility with LightBurn Software: All OMTech CO2 laser machines of 130W and above are compatible with LightBurn software. This expands the software options for controlling and designing projects.

Here's a specified comparison on both the Monport and OMTech 130W CO2 laser machines:


In conclusion, the Monport 130W CO2 Laser Engraver stands out for its advanced features, safety mechanisms, and precision engraving capabilities as highlighted in the provided information. Users looking to invest in a CO2 laser engraver should thoroughly research and compare both options based on their specific requirements and preferences to make an informed decision.

By evaluating critical factors such as power, engraving capabilities, safety features, connectivity options, and additional functionalities, users can determine which laser engraving machine aligns best with their needs and budget constraints.

Monport offers top-notch engraving capabilities, including high-speed and resolution, multiple connectivity options, and essential safety features. Their machines are designed to impress, with fireproof viewing windows and laser protective glasses for added peace of mind. Don't miss out on the opportunity to take your creativity to new heights with Monport's laser engraving machines. Visit their website today and unleash your artistic potential!

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