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  Diode Lasers Vs Monport K40 Lightburn Lasers

Diode Lasers Vs Monport K40 Lightburn Lasers

There are some differences between the working principles of the two. In the CO2 laser machine, cutting and engraving are completed by using electrically stimulated CO2 and other gases such as nitrogen and helium. Laser diodes usually use semiconductors made of aluminum or gallium arsenide alloys. The current is supplied through the diode, causing electrons to flow through the p-n junction. If you are a diode engraver who is used to Lightburn and want to enter the field of carbon dioxide engravers, but think that buying a laser engraver with a power of more than 60W may not take into account the current engraving needs, Monport K40 Lightburn engraver can completely help you overcome this stage.

Difference Between Monport K40 Lightburn and Laser Diode

Monport K40 laser cutter

  • Portability

Diode laser cutting machines and engraving machines are usually designed as small and light equipment. The compact portable design makes it easy to transport and lower cost. Compared with other high-power carbon dioxide engraving machines, Monport K40 Lightburn is more convenient for transportation.

  • Price

Generally, CO2 laser engraving machine is more expensive than diode laser because of the high cost of CO2 laser engraving machine and the higher precision requirement of CO2 laser in engineering. But Monport can buy a 40w CO2 laser engraving machine at the price of a diode engraving machine. Some diode engraving machines on the market can even buy 800 dollars. While Monport K40 Lighjtburn is $530, Monport K40 laser cutter is even cheaper than some other expensive diode engraving machines.

  • Higher power

More power k40 laser

The laser power of Monport K40 Lightburn is 40W, while the average power of ordinary diode machines is 4.5W-5W. Some sellers of diode engraving machines claim that their machines are 40W or 20W, but this actually refers to the output power, not the laser working power. The output power of ordinary K40 CO2 laser engraving machines is about 120W. Generally speaking, most diode engraving machines can only be used to engrave the surface of materials, and cannot achieve deep cutting due to its power limitation. Compared with diode, CO2 laser can have enough energy to penetrate thicker materials. If you want to carve some thicker materials or a variety of materials, Monport K40 Lightburn must be able to meet the needs of carving enthusiasts for higher upgrading. Several experiments have proved that Monport K40 Lightburn has better cutting power and performance than other K40.

  • Faster engraving speed

The engraving speed of the Monport K40 laser cutter LightBurn is 350mm/s, while the average power of the general diode machine is 160mm/s. If you are a carver planning to do some small business, a higher engraving speed is very important. After all, no one wants to spend time that could not be spent on a commodity.

  • Greater resolution

DPI was originally a unit of measurement in printing, which means the number of dots per inch that can be printed. Higher dpi means that the engraving machine can carve more detailed images on materials. The resolution of the Monport K40 Lightburn laser is 2500 dpi, while the resolution of the general diode machine is 1000 dpi. If it is necessary to make more professional or engraving images, it is very important to choose a higher resolution engraving machine.

  • Engraving accuracy

Monport k40 laser cutter

Generally, the diode itself does not need to be tested to adjust the power, but the k40 Lightburn is equipped with an ammeter, which can clearly display the laser power, and can also directly adjust the current size, which is convenient for engraving testing, and can find the appropriate engraving accuracy, so as to achieve professional precision engraving.

  • Safety

It is well known that many health and safety hazards are related to the laser smoke generated during laser engraving. Monport K40 Lightburn is a closed working environment. All kinds of smoke and particles generated in the carving process can be well collected and discharged through the smoke exhaust system, which makes the carving environment cleaner, prevents the carver from inhaling too much smoke and even toxic smoke, and protects the health and safety of the carver. For the diode laser engraving machine, the working environment is completely open. The harmful gas generated by engraving will cause harm to the body, and some laser radiation will also be directly exposed. In addition to health and hygiene problems, the open diode will generate a lot of heat during the engraving process and may even develop into a fire accident.

  • Software application

Both Monport K40 Lightburn and diode machines can use software such as Lightburn and LaserGRBL. The Monport K40 Lightburn can be used directly without replacing the motherboard, because Monport 40W Lightburn itself comes with a motherboard that can be used for Lightburn software.

  • Control system

K40 laser control panel

The diode has no control interface, but the Monport K40 Lightburn can directly adjust the power and set the ammeter on the panel, giving very precise engraving instructions.

  • Installation requirements

The Monport K40 Laser Lightburn does not need to be assembled. It only needs to be equipped with a smoke exhaust system. Other devices do not need to be installed. Generally, the engraving machine for diodes will be equipped with various components that need to be assembled by yourself.

  • Work area

The movable worktable of Monport K40 laser is equipped with a stable clamp for fixing irregular shaped objects and a ventilation horizontal plate for fixing regular shaped products. The engraving of cylinder and other irregular shaped materials can be realized by taking down the movable workbench, while the diode engraving machine usually needs to use a lifting device to expand the engraving space.

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