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Overview of Monport Laser Engraver Fireproof Series

Overview of Monport Laser Engraver Fireproof Series

Monport refers to the use experience of various customers in the carving process, and makes new adjustments to our machine observation windows. It not only changes the observation windows to PC materials, but also adds many other features. Monport not only makes adjustments to high-power machines such as 150w and 130w, but also to other 60w and 80w machines. Therefore, our fire protection series can achieve full coverage from 60w to 150w. So you don't have to worry that the machine you are buying in Monport is not equipped with a fireproof observation window. Due to the different power of the engraving machine, its performance is also different, but only for our 60w machine. We also try our best to achieve various performance configurations, which can meet various engraving needs.

In addition to different engraving work areas and laser tube life, the working performance of different power machines of Monport fire protection series is almost the same. We also try our best to achieve various performance configurations, which can meet various engraving needs.

laser cutter fireproof


Fireproof viewing window

Most of the top observation window covers on the market are made of acrylic. Compared with acrylic, pc observation windows can better protect the carving safety. Acrylic acid inevitably has fire safety problems to some extent. Pc material has excellent properties such as light weight, weather resistance, super strength, flame retardancy and sound insulation. PC has high heat resistance and cold resistance, and can be used for a long time at - 60-120 ° C. It has no obvious melting point of 220-230 ° C, which is much higher than that of ordinary plastics. According to various research data, polycarbonate sheet has high flame retardancy during processing. It can still maintain good effect and performance in fire. In addition to good flame retardant and thermal insulation performance, the light transmittance of the PC observation window is higher than 87%, and there is almost no color. It is similar to the transparent plate of glass, which can better observe the details of carving during laser carving. In terms of strength performance, the impact strength that PC board can withstand is 30 times that of acrylic board with the same thickness. The Pc observation window is easier to clean than the acrylic plate. When cleaning the acrylic plate, do not use hard objects or dry rags, otherwise the surface is easy to scratch. However, due to the self-cleaning effect of polycarbonate board, the dust is not easy to adhere, and it can be washed with clean water. This is why, in addition to the carving machine industry, building materials are also very inclined to use it.


Enclosed Aeronautical Aluminum Rail

The closed track designed exclusively by Monport is used to avoid smoke and debris, extend the service time of the track unit, reduce contact with the outside world, and avoid unnecessary friction caused by engraving materials or pollution by high-temperature smoke and dust, so that the guide can maintain high positioning accuracy. And for the guide rail, which is not like the laser tube, the closed design can maximize the service life of the guide rail.


Built-in Air Assist

When laser cutting certain materials, sparks will burn or melt the materials. To solve this problem, each Monport laser engraving machine is equipped with an air pump, which sends compressed air to the laser head and blows it directly onto the material. This compressed air can reduce the burning and melting of materials. In addition, it helps to blow away the cutting dust on the laser head, avoid polluting the focusing lens, and maintain the durability of the lens on the laser cutting machine. The built-in air assistance system guides the pressurized air flow through the laser head nozzle to discharge the debris, heat and combustible gas from the carving surface and the laser beam path, making the carving more accurate. In a word, air assistance can improve the edge quality of laser cutting materials, reduce combustion marks, reduce the risk of fire, protect other parts of the machine, reduce pollution and improve the service life of the machine.


LED light tripe

Our machines are equipped with light strips to ensure that the sculptors can better observe the carving progress in a dark environment. Monport 60w is equipped with a light strip at the back of the machine, while 80w and other higher power machines are equipped with three light strips to meet the light demand of larger carving areas.


Red Dot Guidance

The red dot indication is installed on the laser head to display the laser path of the machine, which can provide higher accuracy during alignment. The red dot indicates the position of the laser head, marks the working path and frames the size of the project. The red dot indication can help the carver reduce unnecessary operation steps, speed up marking, and provide you with more convenience and guidance.


Automatic Safety Sensor

This unique design can make carving more convenient. Some engravers have to open the machine cover when carving larger materials, or open the observation window because they are accustomed to better operation or observing the carving process. Even if the observation window cover is open, the safety shutdown sensor can also help stop the machine. After closing, press the Enter button to continue.



In the key technologies of laser cutting machine, the correct focus plays a key role. The correct focus setting (i.e. the correct distance between the laser head and the material to be engraved) is very important for a perfect application effect. The Monport 80W laser engraving machine has automatic focusing function and automatic lifting function to help you achieve the best results. The Monport auto focusing pen senses the correct focusing distance from the laser head to the target material, and sends a signal to the Z-axis motor to automatically raise or lower the worktable to the perfect focusing height. Why do I need autofocus? First of all, manual focusing not only requires operators to master technical skills, but also affects product accuracy and production efficiency. While automatic focusing can adjust the focus to an appropriate position when processing different materials and thicknesses. Auto focus can save 90% of cutting time, cutting gas and electricity, and realize cost saving.
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