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Rotary Axis Attachment for Fiber Marker

Rotary Axis Attachment for Fiber Marker

What is a Laser Rotary Attachment?

Can you laser engrave round objects? Most laser engraving machines cannot laser engrave cups or tumblers. However, laser engraving round objects can be carried out by using laser rotary attachments. The rotary attachment is a special laser engraving attachment, sometimes called a round device or rotary attachment, which can be directly inserted into the laser engraving machine to allow you to engrave round or cylindrical objects, such as glass cups or metal bottles and tumbles. 

Because the nature of fiber laser engraving machine is to directly emit laser straight down, the image and text will be distorted on any curved surface. Using a laser engraving machine with rotary attachment, this problem is solved by rotating cylindrical objects during laser emission. These useful attachments are installed directly in your laser engraver’s workbench, and plug-and -play compatibility is easily realized through connector cable.            

There are several different types of laser rotary attachments. Many rotary attachments on the market are suitable for CO2 laser engraving machines. Today, this article will mainly introduce the fiber laser rotary attachment. If you don't know how to use the rotary attachment of marking engravers, this article must be suitable for you!


The Popularity and Versatility of Fiber Laser Marker           

Fiber laser engravers are used to make permanent marks on metals and some plastics. Fiber laser is a precision machine used for marking, cleaning and texture processing. Fiber laser marking machines are used in all industries, including aerospace, dental, medical, automotive, jewelry, science and sensors fields. Flexible optical fiber cable can achieve high precision and fast working speed. Manufacturers often use fiber laser marking machines to identify products - such as auto parts or medical equipment - so they can easily track them. However, companys and small businesses also use fiber laser marking machines to make unique products. From wedding gifts to promotional items, fiber laser engraving machines can be used to make personalized items and traceability codes.

Fiber laser marking has the following advantages:            

Low maintenance cost: Fewer moving parts mean lower maintenance requirements, thus saving user’s costs and concerns.            

High energy efficiency: Fiber lasers effectively transfer energy to the material they are marking. This means lower energy costs and more environmentally friendly production processes.            

Accurate and high contrast marks: Marks created by fiber marker are very accurate and has high visibility due to the sharp contrast with the marked material.            

No surface damage: The fiber laser marking machine only marks the top layer of the material without affecting the surrounding area - maintaining higher material integrity.             

Ability to mark metals and hard plastics: Fiber laser marking machine can be used for all kinds of metals and hard plastics. Although CO2 laser engraving machines can also be used for these materials, they need thermal and multiple passes to achieve the desired results.

Best Rotray Attachment For Fiber Laser            

Most laser engraving machines cannot laser engrave round objects. However, the Monport 80mm rotary attachment only used for fiber marker is the perfect solution for laser marking metal bottles, cups and glasses with fiber laser engraver! It is basically the same as other jaw chuck of CO2 laser, but it is only limited to rigid plastic and perfect cylindrical metal objects. The rotary attachment accommodates a wide range of complex and irregular shaped objects. It is still plug-and-play compatible with Monport's fiber laser markers, but not for CO2 laser machines. Monport 80mm rotary attachment meets your metalwork needs: Designed for small batch marking and engraving on metals, wood, glass, acrylic and hard plastics. Suitable for interchangeable machined parts and it can accommodate various complex and irregular objects! It has below features:

  • Compact ball screw and linear guide pair transmission provide high efficiency while creating a stable and precise experience.
  • Chuck size: Fit a variety of objects up to 80mm in diameter.
  • Carefully constructed with steel and aluminum. 

How to Use Rotary Axis of Fiber Laser Engraver?  Rotary Axis

Your solution for cylindrical and complex engraving materials is right here! Using the Rotary Attachment of a laser marking machine, you can engrave all cylindrical objects. Monport 80mm rotary axis is designed to help you engrave all your round objects on laser marker stably and accurately, which is the last piece of the metal engraving puzzle. Soon, you will turn your dream creation into reality!

Step 1: Turn off the machine and connect the rotary axis plug.

You’ll notice on the back of your fiber machine there’s a label says “Rotary” on it and right there you can use it to plug ,Turn the machine, open the EzCad software 

Step 2: Install the Object on the Rotary Attachment.

Fix the cylinder, ensuring it on the same level with chuck, fix the bottom with 2 screws;

Step 3: Adjust the Marking Head

Manual adjusting the suitable focus length with focus ruler. Set the necessary height of the head. The red line and the red dot of the beam will help you. See that they overlap. 

Step 4: Measure the cylinder diameter, calculating the perimeter (diameter*3.14), pls note:the text file length (X size) cant more than perimeter.

Step 5: Fill in the Text

There are many ways to add the contents of the text to the software. In our case, it’s faster to write the text manually. But for more complex objects like logos you can upload the data from a file.Hatch the line, use Ctrl+4 direction key on keyboard can rotat the text direction. 

Step 6: Input the suitable Power & Speed.

Click “Laser”, “Rotate Test Mark” ,“Part diameter”, input cylinder diameter, scan the marking area, start marking!


Well, We hope this instruction has helped you to master engraving on cylindrical objects. You can also try engraving more complex graphics with a rotary attachement. If you need any training or customer support, our hignly skilled tecnical support will be happy to help. Please feel free to share your findings in comments!

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