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engraver jewelry

Laser Etching & Engraving Jewelry

Ⅰ.Laser engraving in jewelry industry

Looking for a reasonably priced CO2 or fiber laser machine for hobbyists or corporate custom jewelry makers to make money? Need a CNC laser engraving machine for beginners? Purchase a laser engraving machine for personalized jewelry gifts and jewelry box making, including metal, silver, gold, stainless steel, copper, brass, aluminum, titanium, glass, stone, acrylic, wood, silicon, wafer, zircon, ceramics, film, etc. Do you want to customize and personalize jewelry to make money for your home store, small business, industrial manufacturing, or start-up? Laser engraver can help you complete jewelry engraver plans, ideas and projects. Whether you need DIY personalized couple jewelry, necklaces, rings, bracelets, wedding rings, pendants, antiques, small boxes, labels, jewelry gifts or jewelry boxes with signatures, letters, numbers, names, designs or pictures, laser engraving machines will make personalized jewelry in minutes. Laser engraving machines are used to etch a variety of custom jewelry at high speed, quality and precision, rather than by hand.

The standard optical fiber laser marking machine is used for plane engraving on personalized pendants, labels, small boxes and jewelry boxes. Jewelry now generally refers to a series of ornaments such as rings, necklaces, bracelets, etc. processed from precious metals. It is very difficult to engrave words on jewelry according to the previous methods. Nowadays, the jewelry laser marking machine in the laser industry can not only easily carve jewelry, but also carve patterns, and the effect is also very significant. Laser marking of jewelry is the main processing process. Laser technology can provide non-contact and wear-resistant permanent marks for most materials such as platinum, gold, silver and titanium. Because of its high-speed, accurate and deeper engraving characteristics, laser engraving machines have gradually gained significant advantages in the jewelry industry where the traditional processing technology has high growth, long cycle and poor customer experience. In recent years, laser processing technology is also more and more widely used in the jewelry industry, including laser welding, laser rapid prototyping technology, laser marking, laser engraving and laser cutting and grinding. The progress of laser technology provides advanced technology and equipment for the technological transformation and manufacturing of traditional industries. After the introduction of laser technology into the jewelry industry, it has been widely welcomed with its high speed, high accuracy and convenience, and has been more and more widely used. It has gradually become an indispensable important equipment for enterprises. Laser marking machine has replaced the diamond carving work of many jewelry manufacturers and high street jewelers.


Ⅱ. Laser cutting & engraving jewelry

engraving earrings

Fiber laser jewelry engraving machine is suitable for a variety of popular metal materials, including gold, silver, copper, brass, stainless steel, aluminum, titanium, etc. There are a variety of fiber laser power supplies available for your metal jewelry carving ideas, plans and projects, including 20W, 30W, 50W, 100W and more. The principle of fiber laser engraving machine is to mark the surface of various materials with a laser beam. The effect of the mark is to expose the deep material by evaporation of the surface material, thus carving out exquisite patterns, logos and text. Fiber laser marking machine adopts imported strong fiber laser, marking speed, good light quality, high conversion efficiency, maintenance-free, no consumables, low cost, simple operation, small size, wide application areas and other characteristics favored by customers.

High carving efficiency

The laser engraving machine has small laser spot output, fine marking lines and fast marking speed; The whole machine is small in size and low in power, which is very suitable for marking processing of fine graphics and text. It can realize the engraving of personalized characters, pictures, characters, two-dimensional codes, serial numbers, etc. on jewelry and silver ornaments. The laser engraving machine has high engraving precision, good effect and fast engraving speed. By using computer control, it is easier to change the graphics. The engraved characters and patterns can be changed at will. Only the specified characters or patterns need to be input into the software. The laser marking machine can mark the desired effects in a short time, In this way, the personalized needs of customers are also met. The fiber laser engraving machine has no consumables and saves processing materials. In addition, it does not require maintenance, has a long service life and is small in size, which is suitable for working in harsh environments. The material after laser vector cutting does not need to be polished or polished, saving every engraver's precious time.

High carving quality

The laser marking machine uses the high-energy laser beam to evaporate the surface layer of the material, expose the deep layer of the material, and make it produce chemical and physical changes, so as to etch the required patterns and characters to form a lasting logo. Moreover, the content is not limited, and patterns, characters and logos can be identified. Because the lines marked by the laser engraving machine are delicate and high-precision, it is very suitable for jewelry, which is a small material requiring fine work. The image formed by laser engraving has a unique color, which will be related to the composition and structure of the engraving material. The design of the vector diagram will clearly mark the text pattern, which can be long-term non fading and non shedding, environmentally friendly and pollution-free, and easy to identify. Because the laser engraving machine can mark a large amount of data on very small products, even irregular products can be marked. After processing, the original accuracy of products can be guaranteed, and the surface finish of products will not be damaged.

More possibilities

Jewelry laser marking machine is mainly used in the surface of jewelry marking fine patterns and structures, with the brightness of gold and silver to achieve a more exquisite overall pattern, often seen in surface carving flowers, animals, and a variety of beautiful patterns. More common jewelry marking machine is divided into semiconductor and fiber, customers according to their actual situation to choose models. The emergence of this laser marking machine, to solve the defects and defects of human carving rate, more able to supply social needs, is actually the best choice for jewelry processors. Now there will be a fiber engraving machine that can play color on the market, which will bring more possibilities to the laser marking machine.


Ⅲ Applications

cutting ring

Jewelry box production process, the inevitable need for packaging materials for cutting, co2 laser engraving machine, of course, also have a place to play in the field of jewelry engraving, known as the co2 laser engraving machine is generally not used for carving metal, but some other aspect of the jewelry industry related crafts was able to completely satisfy, If you are starting a small jewelry and metal processing business, when customers come to you for custom products, it is not necessary to directly give the necklace head to the customer, then the wooden or crystal packaging box is very important. First of all, Monport CO2 laser cutting machine can perfectly cut acrylic, MDF, cardboard and other jewelry packaging materials. Secondly, the production of jewelry display rack also needs to use the cutting of crystal, cardboard and other materials, special-shaped cutting, etc. Monport carbon dioxide laser cutting machine fully meets the above requirements.

engraver ring

Sexualizing your jewelry is more than just adding a simple name to the inside of the ring. If you want something out of the box, it helps to peruse some jewelry carving ideas that will be personal and unique. For example, if you have a ring or bracelet or other jewelry with an inscription, you can carve some of your favorite words on the back of a ring, box, pocket watch or bracelet, or carve a birthday or other time on the back of a watch. A child's drawing can be a beautiful snapshot of a moment, and you can preserve their artwork by miniaturizing it and carving it on jewelry. In cuff bracelets, tie studs, etc., these can be achieved by laser engraving machine.

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