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Monport Space Host- Sam Mitchell - Indiana

Machine Type
Monport Fireproof 60W (16" x 24") Manual Focus CO2 Laser Engraver & Cutter
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Intro: Hello Everyone my name is Sam Mitchell. I have been a Electrical Tech for 37 years specializing in troubleshooting and fixing any equipment.
Several years ago i started reviving my teenage hobby of woodworking and turning it into a small business for retirement. Along the way I developed a
interest in Lasers and CNC's for woodworking. After lots of hard work and research,
I acquired a Diode laser that was under powered but large framed and could be upgraded by me.
I modified it several times and put a 80watt dual beam laser module on it and my love of working with lasers took off.
I began looking around to for a more powerful CO2 laser that was affordable for a small shop and discovered Monport lasers!
I now have a Monport 60watt CO2 that I love and use most every day.
Stop have a look at a really good Laser and I will show you how I learned to control and Run a Diode Laser and a CO2 with 1 computer at the same time!


Available time:
Monday - Saturday 10am to 2pm
Workspace Type: Garage
Pets: √
WiFi Connectivity X
Wheelchair Friendly X
Free Public Parking ✔

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