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Optimizing Performance: How to Loosen Belts on Monport 80W Laser Cutter

Optimizing Performance: How to Loosen Belts on Monport 80W Laser Cutter

Owning a Monport laser cutting machine 80W opens up a world of possibilities, from intricate engravings to precise cuts on various materials. But just like any high-precision tool, regular maintenance is crucial for optimal performance and longevity. One important aspect of this care involves adjusting the belt tension, ensuring smooth movement and accurate results. This blog delves into the simple process of loosening the belt in your Monport 80W laser, using the video "How to loosen the belt in your laser engraver to adjust the bolt" as a reference.

Why Loosen the Belt in Your Monport Laser Cutting Machine 80W?

80w co2 laser engraver

Monport 80W CO2 Laser Engraver & Cutter (24" x 16") with Autofocus

A tight belt in your Monport 80W laser can lead to several unwanted issues:

    • Knocking or grinding sounds: These noises indicate excessive tension on the belt and strain on the motor of your wood laser engraver.
    • Uneven movement of the laser head: This can result in inconsistent engraving depths and inaccurate cuts of your wood laser engraver.
    • Reduced engraving/cutting accuracy: A tight belt can hinder the precise movement of the laser head of your wood laser engraver, impacting the overall quality of your projects.

Therefore, timely adjustments to the belt tension are crucial for maintaining the smooth operation and accuracy of your Monport 80W laser.

Loosening the Belt: A Step-by-Step Guide

Before you begin, remember safety first! Ensure your Monport laser cutting machine 80W is powered down, unplugged, and completely cool. Gather the necessary tools before using wood laser engraver:

    • Screwdriver: Refer to your manual for the specific type needed.
    • Optional: Wrench (if needed for specific adjustments)

1. Preparation:

    • Open the left access door of your Monport laser cutting machine 80W. Consult your wood laser engraver manual for the exact location if needed.
    • Locate the six screws in the middle of the plate. These control the overall belt tension of the wood laser engraver.

2. Locating and Loosening the Belt Tension Screws:

    • Using your screwdriver, carefully loosen each screw slightly, turning them counterclockwise by small increments.
    • Observe any changes in the belt tension after each turn. Avoid over-loosening, as this can cause the belt to slip and compromise engraving accuracy.

3. Additional Adjustments (Optional):

    • If you hear specific knocking noises, refer to the video or your manual to locate the tension screws on the gears. Carefully loosen these screws by small increments to reduce the noise.
    • For uneven movement, check for any obstructions in the wood laser engraver belt path and ensure proper alignment of the carriage. Consult your manual if needed.

4. Testing and Reassembly:

    • After adjustments, power up your Monport 80W laser.
    • Manually move the laser head across the X and Y axes, observing if the movement is smooth and even.
    • If necessary, make minor adjustments to the belt tension screws for optimal movement.
    • Once satisfied, close the access door and reconnect the power cord.

Additional Tips and Precautions:

    • Always consult your Monport laser cutting machine 80W manual for specific instructions and safety precautions before performing any adjustments.
    • Improper adjustments can potentially damage your laser, so proceed with caution and follow the steps carefully.
    • Regularly inspect the belt tension and make minor adjustments as needed to maintain optimal performance.
    • Consider incorporating belt adjustments into your routine maintenance schedule for your Monport 80W laser.


Maintaining proper belt tension in your Monport 80W laser cutting machine is a simple yet essential step for ensuring smooth operation, precise results, and extended machine life. By following these steps and incorporating regular adjustments into your maintenance routine, you can keep your Monport 80W laser running at its best, unlocking its full potential for countless creative projects.

Remember, safety and following the manual are key! Happy creating with your Monport 80W laser!

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