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monport 55w

The Best Laser Engraving Set For Beginners

If a novice wants to buy an engraving machine simply because of hobbies, it is normal to buy a non-professional 40W machine, but from a professional point of view, Monport 55w is definitely the most worth considering among professional engraving machine models. Consider buying a new laser? Or invest in your first laser engraving machine? Hesitating in the broad list of information consultation recommendations, various machine accessories do not know how to choose, whether you want a budget friendly laser engraving full set of combinations, or are looking for a specific combination to meet your material or use requirements, such a set of combinations you can make the best decisions for your business, your budget and the needs of your customers.

Why choose Monport 55W?

monport 55 watt laser

From the engraving industry, CO2 lasers are ideal for engraving a variety of materials, including acrylic, wood, most engraved plastics, paper, leather, various metal coatings, MDF boards, rubber sealing materials, glass, ceramics, marble, some stones and some bricks. Unlike the high price of fiber lasers, carbon dioxide lasers are relatively inexpensive, and the beams produced by fiber lasers can be more dangerous for beginners than carbon dioxide lasers. In this way we narrow down the options to CO2 lasers.

While CO2 laser engravers come in a variety of table sizes, the minimum work space we recommend is 12"x 24", mainly because the engraved plastics, engraved metals, and self-adhesive films we use are usually 12" x 24". The working area of the Monport 55W is 16'' x 24'', which satisfies the needs of the novice to engrave other larger objects later.

The choice of engraving machine wattage depends on your engraving needs, for example, if you plan to engrave a lot of wood or plan to cut any material more than 1/8 inch thick, you should consider a high powered laser - maybe 100 watts or more. However, if you plan to engrave coated metal, anodized aluminum or acrylic for the medallion, you won't need all the power - maybe 25-35 watts will be enough. But buying a laser that is too small in size or power is not economical, it will only cost you more in the long run, so don't be tempted by ridiculously cheap laser equipment. If you want an all-purpose laser, then a 50-60 watt laser can be considered. Therefore, Monport 55W is definitely the best choice for beginners who need to explore the engraving needs and functions. If you choose a high wattage machine in the first place for more headroom, it may have a negative effect, because too high power is impossible to engrave something delicate and fragile. In addition to the engraving needs that require your serious consideration, there are other burden issues such as electricity bills that also need to be weighed.

We've discussed two main factors in choosing a Monport 55W machine: size and power. Of course, there are other considerations too, usually involving accessories. This is about the excellent configuration of the Monport 55W.


Powerful functions of Monport 55W

Exhaust System

Every laser requires a fairly powerful exhaust system to remove fumes and fine particles from the laser and the environment that would otherwise pose a health and safety risk to you and your equipment. The Monport 55W has built-in air assist - internal air assist without external compression, on the ventilation system, it is equipped with an exhaust fan as well as an exhaust hose so that you can vent the fumes outside.

Red Dot Pointer 

Standard for most lasers in our industry, this visible red laser beam is meant to show the exact location of the laser mark on the substrate, not actually engrave it. The red dot pointer lets you see where on the material the engraving will take place without wasting time and material through trial and error. The Monport 55W can show the position of the laser head with a red dot, mark the working path and frame the size of the project, providing you with more convenience and guidance 

Internal Lighting 

While our lasers haven't illuminated for decades, we don't know what we're missing. Having good lighting is sometimes very useful. Not all lasers have this option or feature, but it is well worth considering. The LED headlight under the lid that the Monport 55W has provides precise spot lighting; in addition to that, it has a clear acrylic viewing window to observe the laser engraving and cutting status. Additionally, the dark brown color protects you from indirect laser beam exposure.


Most suitable accessories for Monport 55W

CW5200 Insudtrial Water Chiller

Output wavelength and power are sensitive to temperature changes, so careful temperature control is often necessary. For laser machines below 50 watt, you will not need an industrial chiller, but when you use laser engraving machines of 50 watt and above, you definitely need an industrial chiller. If you run a full-time laser engraving business, you will want a 5000 chiller, even a 50-100w laser machine. The price of installing a recirculating chiller accounts for only a small part of the total cost of purchasing and installing a laser. A chiller should be able to meet your cooling needs for many years, so you should consider the future needs and buy it in advance. Although the chiller only accounts for a small part of the total cost of the laser system, it is meaningful to carefully select a reliable chiller to support stable service in the next few years.

Monport Air Purifier

Monport air purifier laser fume extractor has a built-in noise reduction module to maintain a quiet and comfortable working environment for you. It also adopts a four layer filtering device to effectively filter the smoke and dust generated in operation. In addition, its shell adopts a detachable design, which is convenient for assembly and replacement of parts.


Final Thoughts 

For those novices who want to make some professional progress in the field of engraving, they can be equipped with a complete set of engraving equipment without worries at the beginning, which is very efficient for the next study and work. How to choose your first set of equipment depends on many factors, among which the more important is what you want to do with it, but the most important factor worth considering is service and support! Monportlaser always insists on providing better services to customers.


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