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fiber laser engraver

Engraving Metal with a Fiber Laser

The fiber laser engraver uses the focused beam output from the laser to interact with the marked target object, thereby forming a high-quality permanent mark on the target object. The beam output from the laser is controlled by two mirrors installed on the high-speed precision motor to realize the movement marking of the beam. Each mirror moves along a single axis. The movement speed of the motor is very fast and the inertia is very small, so that the target object can be marked quickly. Fiber laser engraving system has a wide range of applications, such as integrated circuit chips, computer parts, industrial bearings, clocks, electronics, 3C products, aerospace equipment, auto parts, home appliances, hardware tools, jewelry, tobacco and many other fields. Compared with the traditional marking, punching, printing and engraving technologies, fiber lasers have the following advantages and are becoming more and more popular today.

As a engraver of small business, metal commercial plaques, metal tiles used for collage, and indoor metal decorative paintings can all be completed by  fiber laser engraver. These customized metal products can create a large amount of income for the engraver at the weekend, or your hobby is to add the modern flavor of metal to your life, Not only amateurs and small businesses are now using laser engraving technology to speed up their projects. Laser engraving is also used in other large-scale projects such as automobile parts and medical technology.

Advantages of fiber laser marking

The use of fiber laser machine to mark metal has the advantages of high speed, no wear, high accuracy, wear resistance, clear marks, etc. the metal laser marking machine uses laser as the processing means, and there is no additional external force and no mechanical pressure between the metal laser marking machine and the workpiece. Therefore, it is particularly suitable for use in occasions with high hardness, high brittleness and high requirements for soldering points. However, it is worth mentioning that although the fiber laser engraving machine has powerful functions, the fiber laser marking machine is only limited to marking metal and cannot be used as a metal laser cutting machine. 

Excellent carving effect

Once marked by the fiber laser engraving machine, the marks left are not easy to erase. Under the high power energy, the target area of the object will vaporize rapidly or undergo chemical reaction, forming clear marks on the product surface. The marks on the metal surface are clear and beautiful. All kinds of logos, patterns, two-dimensional codes and characters can be directly and permanently engraved on metal products.

High engraving accuracy

The diameter of the focused fiber laser beam can be as small as 20um, which is very important for complex graphics and precise marking and engraving tasks.

High engraving efficiency and simple operation

The  fiber laser engraver is simple to mark. The user only needs to set parameters on the computer and can directly mark or engrave in a few seconds. The metal laser engraver does not have a strong demand for cooling fan heat, does not need thermoelectric cooling and water cooling, only needs simple air cooling, and does not need to think about how to maintain. It is generally capable of working in a harsh environment and has a high tolerance to dust, vibration, impact, humidity and temperature.

No damage to the surface

The fiber laser marking engraving machine is a non-contact processing, and the laser head does not need to contact the surface of the object, so there is no need to consider the damage to the processed products. The processed surface is not only smooth and natural, but also will not damage the surrounding area. Since it is non-contact processing, it has no direct impact on the workpiece, will not cause mechanical deformation, and can adjust the energy and moving speed of the high-energy laser beam to achieve various processing purposes.

Lower cost 

First, the fiber laser processing has no consumables and reduces the cost. Fiber laser engraving does not require consumables, and will not cause product deformation and disturbance. Therefore, there are few consumables. A basic 20W laser machine can meet most of the needs, which saves power and is easy to integrate with the automation line to reduce costs. In addition, the optical fiber marking machine is stable and has a long service life. A basic 20W laser machine can meet most of the needs.

Metal fiber laser equipment is widely used in many industries for its excellent performance. In terms of pricing, fiber laser marking machine and engraving machine are more expensive than traditional processing equipment. But considering its nearly zero maintenance cost, it is now very popular in many fields. 

Metal types for fiber laser marking

Marking machine can engraving a variety of metal and nonmetal materials, iron, copper, magnesium, aluminum and other commonly used ordinary metal, gold, silver, titanium, platinum and other rare metals, all kinds of metal oxide marking, besides can also carve all kinds of high and hard alloy, oxide, electroplating, plating, ABS, epoxy resin, printing ink, engineering plastics, such as application scope is very broad.


Aluminum is by far one of the most used metals in the laser industry because of its light weight and durability. It comes in various forms such as bare, anodized and cast. You will find that anodized alumina will whiten faster when marked with lower beam intensities. If it is bare or cast aluminum, it is better to use a darker mark, and a higher beam intensity will do the job. In any case, you must always make your marks as deep as possible and have the right contrast for aesthetic beauty.

Stainless steel

After aluminum, stainless steel is the most commonly used, especially in areas with high hygiene requirements. Various projects that can be completed with stainless steel include kitchenware, tableware, accessories, etc. The metal supports all forms of marking, such as engraving, etching and even annealing. For this reason, it is very general and can be adapted to any markup parameter. 


Brass is an alloy consisting mainly of copper and zinc. A wide range of properties can be obtained by percentage composition differences of major metals and the addition of other metals such as tin and lead. Brass is popular for its attractive golden color, low melting point, resistance to oxidation, and absence of iron. The 1.06 micron wavelength of the fiber laser is easily absorbed by brass, making it useful in both marking and cutting applications. Laser marking of brass creates a thicker black mark. Fiber lasers can cleanly cut complex patterns on thin brass sheets.

Gold and silver

The high precision of laser engraving machine is very suitable for the wear resistant permanent marking on the surface of precious and fine jewelry such as rings and necklaces. Since most jewelry is made of expensive raw materials such as gold, silver, platinum, and diamonds, the requirements for the production process are also very high. As an advanced processing equipment, laser marking machine has become the first choice for many jewelry processing manufacturers because of its unique advantages.

With the development of jewelry industry, traditional processing methods can no longer meet the needs of the market. Laser marking machine as advanced processing equipment, processing speed, high efficiency, non-contact engraving processing, can be performed on the jewelry products without any material loss, and marking the patterns of the fine and beautiful, durable, in addition, the way of marking laser marking machine is also very flexible, only need to input the specified in the software text or design, the function of laser marking engraving immediately within a few seconds The desired effect, so that the customer's individual needs will be met.

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